The Cosmic Voyage

source: google

“We are travelers on an unending voyage of discovery”

The universe is shown as this big web of details where eventually everything connects, even at the most basic and grassroot level. The universe tends to work in patterns and imitate itself, this phenomenon is called “Self Similarity”.

Some aspects of the video could be linked with various impactful scenes in the history of cinema. Personally, I found several connections between “The Cosmic Voyage” and Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The scene where we can see our ancestors as caveman, trying to work around with tools and develop other skills is fairly similar to a scene from 2001 where our ancestors are seen as apelike anthropoids.

The documentary doesn’t fail in sending one in an existential crisis. The scenes where the director pans out from a minute detail to a detailed shot of the entire universe, makes everyone question the futility of their own existence.

The scene that really puts things in perspective for me, was the one where you see an aerial view of a few youngsters riding their bikes while the camera pans over the scenery and slowly zooms into a shot of them getting off their ride and running towards the bushes, it is followed by a beautifully shot view of one of the children observing a water droplet on one of the grass blades, as he observes it, one is transported to yet another universe that exists within that one drop of water. The universe is a mirrored reflection of our own existence in many ways, as survival is shown as the basic goal of the inhabitants of the universe in the tiny droplet of water.

The video has deeply captured the reality of the universe, as each microorganism fights for its survival on a daily basis. Each minute life is deeply interconnected and together forms the bigger part of the universe as we humans are strategically placed between tiny subatomic particles and humongous galactic structures.

The video sheds light on the possibility that we’re all a defined cluster of various micro-verses residing inside one another and in the grand scheme of things, we’re all building blocks of a bigger model and maybe our life isn’t as significant as we think it is since we are but small components of an infinitely large universe.

Whereas, the knowledge that we’re all a part of something bigger than us and an entire universe resides within us, as we as humans are the universe experiencing itself, is highly reassuring.



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i don’t know what i am, who i’m supposed to be, all i know is what i certainly do not want to be.